Known problems and limitations

This section gives a list of bugs and limitations that were known at the time of first publication of JaxoDraw-2.0. Please check the Bugs section of our Web page for an updated version of this document. Note that not all points are necessarily real bugs, we regard this just as a collection of features that do not work exactly the way we would like to.


  • When using IBM's Runtime Environment, the program may be executed and works fine for most parts but presents some peculiarities: the layout of pop-up windows is not always the same and XML output serializes the bounding boxes of objects that are explicitly marked as transient in the source code. This has been reported to us for version number 1.4.1 of IBM's SDK. This appears to be an incompatibility between SUN's and IBM's Runtime Environments. On the other hand, the program compiles fine with IBM's jikes compiler (tested with version 1.13).
  • Some Swing internal components do not (yet) allow full internationalization (see this URL for some explanation, or check Sun's bugs pages, bug # 4195173). For JaxoDraw, this effects only some text fields in the FileChooser, ColorChooser and Print dialogs, where the text will always be given in English.
  • If a LaTeX text object is present at the edge of a graph then the bounding box of a "LaTeX -> EPS" export is most probably not correct. This manifests itself by a "broken" text, i.e., a thin white line is crossing the text. Basically, there is no way for us to estimate the extension of a text after latex compilation, so the only workaround is to adjust the bounding box by hand.
  • When drawing a line or loop and releasing the mouse outside the drawing area, the object will still be drawn correctly. However, the same does not work for arcs and beziers: clicking once outside the drawing area will make the object disappear. This is a fundamental Java limitation and cannot be fixed in general.
  • On windows, plugins cannot be un-installed from the Plugin Manager. They get removed from the current session but remain in the plugin cache, so next time JaxoDraw is started they get loaded again. The plugin jar has to be removed manually from the plugin installation folder to uninstall the plugin permanently.
  • Running JaxoDraw-2.0-0 on a 64bit java installation, the program first executes fine and works for most parts, but trying to draw a gluon line gives a crash dump. This is evidently a bug in the java virtual machine 64bit version, so there is nothing we can do about it. The only workaround is to install a 32bit version and use this to run JaxoDraw. See bug #2561249 for more details.

Wish list

Any feature request or suggestions should be filed at our SourceForge Request page.

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