JaxoDraw 2.1-0 API

net.sf.jaxodraw The main package of JaxoDraw.
net.sf.jaxodraw.graph Graph related classes.
net.sf.jaxodraw.gui GUI related classes.
net.sf.jaxodraw.gui.grid Grid related classes.
net.sf.jaxodraw.gui.handle Handles for JaxoObject.
net.sf.jaxodraw.gui.launch Classes to deal with the JaxoDraw launch process.
net.sf.jaxodraw.gui.menu Menus for the GUI.
net.sf.jaxodraw.gui.menu.popup Popup menus for the GUI.
net.sf.jaxodraw.gui.panel GUI panels.
net.sf.jaxodraw.gui.panel.button Button panels for the GUI.
net.sf.jaxodraw.gui.panel.edit Edit panels that allow to edit JaxoObjects.
net.sf.jaxodraw.gui.swing Swing related classes.
net.sf.jaxodraw.gui.swing.spinner Some spinner classes that are used in edit panels.
net.sf.jaxodraw.io Contains classes to handle input/output from/to external files.
net.sf.jaxodraw.io.exports Export classes.
net.sf.jaxodraw.io.imports Import classes.
net.sf.jaxodraw.logging Logging classes for JaxoDraw.
net.sf.jaxodraw.object Collection of objects that can be drawn by JaxoDraw.
net.sf.jaxodraw.object.arc Arc objects.
net.sf.jaxodraw.object.arrow Arrow objects.
net.sf.jaxodraw.object.bezier Bezier objects.
net.sf.jaxodraw.object.fill Fill objects, ie objects that have a fill color.
net.sf.jaxodraw.object.group Group objects.
net.sf.jaxodraw.object.line Line objects.
net.sf.jaxodraw.object.loop Loop objects.
net.sf.jaxodraw.object.text Text objects.
net.sf.jaxodraw.object.vertex Vertex objects.
net.sf.jaxodraw.plugin A plugin is an external piece of software that adds functionality to JaxoDraw.
net.sf.jaxodraw.util Utility methods.
net.sf.jaxodraw.util.graphics Extensions to java.awt.Graphics2D.


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