Help Wanted


Please check the Open Issues page and the list of bugs to see if you can help us on a current problem. Please contact us for submitting a contribution, it will be very much appreciated!

Binary installers

We are looking for people who would contribute binary installers for different operating systems and versions.

Other Operating Systems

We are developing JaxoDraw under Linux, for the Windows and Mac versions we rely on Java's cross-platform nature. However, as we have experienced several times in the past, this cross-platform nature is far from perfect. While we have access to some Windows machines, where we can do some testing (but we do not want to get involved with development), we don't have access at all to a Mac or any other machine where JaxoDraw could run. We are therefore always happy to receive feedback from people working with other operating systems about any of the following:

  • Bug reports, strange/unexpected behavior.
  • Installation issues.
  • OS specific feature enhancements.
  • Positive feedback, ie, we would like to know if everything works splendidly on an unsupported platform, too!

More specifically, we are looking for persons who would be willing to take over the maintainance of JaxoDraw with respect to OS specific issues on other operating systems (Windows, Mac, ...).