JaxoDraw Graph Converter


A program that can be used to convert files generated by JaxoDraw-1.3-2 to a format that can be opened by JaxoDraw-2.0-0.


Extract the downloaded .zip file into an empty directory (lets call it CONVERTER_HOME). The program can then be executed from the command line like:

java -jar $CONVERTER_HOME/jd-graph-converter.jar file1.xml file2.xml ...

Please note:

  • Each input file is first backed up with a .orig extension and then overwritten by the new version.
  • If the original graph contains groups then the grouping structur is not conserved during conversion, all groups are resolved in the resulting 2.0 file. This doesn't matter for printing since all the objects are there, just for editing convenience, one might have to re-group some objects.
  • The converter is compiled against jaxodraw-2.0-0. If you use a newer version to open the converted files (latest is 2.0-1), you will get a warning about a version mismatch. This can be safely ignored since the graph format has not changed within minor version upgrades.