The following table lists the Linux distros that already ship a version of JaxoDraw:

Fedora Gentoo
Fedora Gentoo

We have filed packaging requests for Debian and Ubuntu.

Obsolete rpms

Note that the latex style file axodraw4j.sty is not installed by these rpms. You have to download and install it separately.

These rpms were built on a Fedora Core 3 system and tested on RHEL 3. NOTE that no java check is done, the rpm will install fine without java, but the program won't run. NOTE also that JaxoDraw needs a Sun Java installation, it doesn't work with current GNU java (gcj) which is installed by default on many Linux distros today.


Note: You must have root privileges, in order to install rpm packages.

If you have downloaded the rpm package of JaxoDraw, you can install the jaxodraw-xxx.rpm with

rpm -Uvh --nosignature jaxodraw-xxx.rpm


From version 1.3-0 on, we tried to make our JaxoDraw rpms compatible with the conventions of the JPackage project. This means that you need to install a Java rpm from their web site.

There are two possible ways for doing that (check this mailing list discussion for a more detailed explanation):

  1. You install a j2sdk rpm from Sun and the corresponding java-xxx-sun-compat rpm from JPackage.
  2. You rebuild yourself one of the java-xxx-sun nosrc.rpms from JPackage.

The second alternative is generally preferred.