"First of all, thank you very much for writing this useful tool. It is something that the community has sorely needed for a long time. At Wisconsin (where I got my Ph.D.) we kept around an old NeXT box solely so that we could use an old Feynman diagram program written for it."

"Thank you again for your effort in developing this great tool! "

"Been looking forever for an easy way of drawing Feynman diagrams and was delighted to find JaxoDraw. Many thanks for the wonderful work and making it available to the public!"

"First of all I like to say thank you for the great tool you have created. It's much easier to have a wysiwyg tool for drawing Feynman diagrams than to have to 'program' them in some LaTeX code. It's also great that you make it so similar to xfig."

"Thank you again and again compliments for the great work."

"Hola, gracias por JaxoDraw, es excelente."

"It's a great program! Thanks once again for writing it, and for making it available to Mac users."

"Got to say I like the program, I've made extensive use of it."

"Mit großer Freude habe ich Ihr Programm JaxoDraw entdeckt. Ein solches Programm habe ich schon häufig vermisst."

"Well, actually JaxoDraw would ease up quite a bit of drawing stuff here ;) I even reconsider my earlier statement that Java isn't useful for anything. There seem to be some little tools where it actually might be of some use once you have enough computing power available... Surely I'll not love it but well, maybe it might be of some use."

"I just downloaded your program after seeing the announcement on hep-th. It looks very nice."

"I found this tool very useful and exciting."

"I have had a great morning drawing pictures with JaxoDraw, I am most impressed."

"Thanks for all, and my congratulations for JaxoDraw, it is a very useful program."

"I want to tell you that JaxoDraw is a great program -- I've been looking all over for something that has a wide range of drawing options, prints to EPS, and (most importantly) ends up looking good. JaxoDraw is definitely the best."

"Thanks for the help, and for making such a great program!"

"I've been using JaxoDraw for some time now and I REALLY appreciate it."

"I have been using JaxoDraw for more than a year. In the past I used to "struggle" with axodraw, so I would like first to thank you for the excellent program you have provided."