Screen Shots

Click on the corresponding image to get an enlarged version. All screenshots are taken from the Linux version (if you produce a nice Feynman diagram with JaxoDraw, please send us an image!).

New Features (v. 2.0-0)

v. 2.0
Illustration of some new features of JaxoDraw-2.0. Note the grid bar, the photon Bezier used to draw the tadpole and the scroll bars.

New Features (v. 1.2-0)

Watch File mode Hexagonal grid
watch.png hexagonal.png
The Watch File mode prevents the opening of a new GhostView after each LaTeX compilation of the diagram. The new hexagonal grid allows for more symmetric diagrams to be easily drawn.

New Features (v. 1.1-0)

Canvas Tabbing LaTeX labels roll-over Grouping
tabbing.png label1.png label2.png group1.png group2.png group3.png
You can now work with multiple diagrams (copy and paste is allowed). When a LaTeX label is rolled-over with the mouse, its text appears in a window. You can now group objects: center-click, drag the gray box and release to get the group.


User Interface
The general appearence of JaxoDraw, showing also the PostScript file resulting from a LaTeX compilation of the diagram (the Higgs production through gluon fusion).