This document provides an overview of the various formats available for download. Please check the download page of the Quick Start guide if you don't know which file to download.

Overview of JaxoDraw download formats

Download Description
Source The source of JaxoDraw.
Binary Precompiled binary (executable .jar file).
Binary installers Installers for some common operating systems.
Old versions Old versions of JaxoDraw.
Snapshot The latest development version of JaxoDraw.

Other downloads

Download Description
axodraw4j.sty The axodraw4j.sty LaTeX style file.
Plugins Plugins for JaxoDraw.
Graph converter A program that can be used to convert files generated by JaxoDraw-1.3-2 to a format that can be opened by JaxoDraw-2.0-0.
Third party software A collection of links to related software developed outside the JaxoDraw project.